About Dan


Dan is a Christian, Constitutional Conservative, and a Republican.

Dan is running for Fort Bend County Commissioner, Pct. 4. He has been a Fort Bend County resident for 30+ years. Dan is a chemical engineer by profession and has worked in the major oil & gas industry for over 25 years. He held leadership roles and managed offshore & onshore pipeline infrastructure projects with budgets worth millions of dollars. Dan is also a Texas Real Estate broker and a Christian minister. With his background, Dan is uniquely fitted for the County Commissioner role.

As county commissioner, Dan will bring true leadership, High energy, transparency, and accountability back to the county government. He is all about bringing solutions and reaching out to all groups. His goals are to strengthen the local economy, improve aging infrastructure and emergency response, end wasteful spending, strengthen local law enforcement, lower taxes, and focus on the Brazos River flood control and mitigation.

Dan is a strong conservative who supports the 2nd amendment, family values, lower taxes, strong borders, and security. He believes we must defend the constitution and protect the freedoms. Dan will firmly stand against socialist policies and government intrusion on civil liberties.